Riverside Logistics Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

Riverside Logistics Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

Riverside Logistics is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary!  A lot has changed since 1996. Gas prices were $1.23 gallon in 1996 and the median home price in 2000 in Virginia was $125,400.

What started out as a dedicated service trucking company for one customer developed into meeting the need for warehouse services.  As that customer grew, others soon followed. Riverside Logistics quickly realized that offering Transportation and Warehouse solutions together added value to their growing client base. As time passed, a fleet of trailers and additional warehouse locations were required to continue meeting customer demand.

Today Riverside Logistics currently manages over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and recently purchased a 183,000 sq. ft. warehouse on South Laburnum Avenue near Richmond International Airport. They work very closely with the growing world class Ports of Virginia and have warehouse space near the Richmond Marine Terminal.  And recently, Riverside Logistics  expanded their list of services by offering the management of warehouse operations for individual clients in their facilities.

Warehouse services combined with an extensive Transportation Delivery Network provides clients with comprehensive solutions that are critical during supply chain challenges.  Our fleet of trailers reduces cost and increases productivity. We look forward to the next 25 years as we continue to expand. We are grateful for all the clients who have allowed us to provide logistics solutions and are excited about the future. This is an exciting time for Virginia and Riverside Logistics!

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